Screen Printing Paint Printing-Paint Drying Machines

Screen Printing Paint Printing-Paint Drying Machines

  • Machines for screen printing applications on automotive glasses
  • Opportunity to work with many paints including silver thermoplast Precise glass referencing Sensitive printing
  • Printing on the table Robot hand printing Drying after printing
  • Drying ovens suitable for paint With machine and line applications

  • In Printing Machines

  • Precise and high working speed with servomotor referencing
  • Special coated printing plate
  • Easily replaceable squeegee-flood bar system
  • Drop prevention system in the squeegee-flood bar system
  • Mold precision adjustment system
  • Pull-out system for mold cleaning
  • Broken glass detection system in referencing
  • Edge to Edge printing system (optional)
  • Mold tear detection system with camera (optional)
  • Ease of glass introduction and recipe creation with servomotor referencing
  • Recipe creation system via PLC

  • Paint Drying Ovens

  • Appropriate design for non-gripped and lapped glasses
  • Automatic belt tension and edge control system
  • Heating system with medium wave electrical IR resistance or natural gas
  • Cooling system with fresh air blowing and chimney exhaust system
  • Chiller option with heat exchanger circulation and water cooling for the chiller group
  • Selection of drying and cooling capacity suitable for the job or the project
  • Homogeneous drying system with air circulation system