Core Drying Ovens

  • The best drying with homogeneous air circulation
  • Minimum maintenance requirement with tape made of high carbon steel
  • Negligible maintenance cost
  • 200 kg / m2 carrying capacity
  • 250°C oven interior temperature in circulation structure
  • Natural gas or IR resistances as heat source
  • Homogeneous heat distribution and maximum efficiency drying
  • Proportional heating system
  • Fast regime and low energy consumption thanks to natural gas burners
  • Furnace inlet and outlet conveyor lengths determined according to customer demand
  • Automatic belt tensioning system
  • Setting cabinet temperatures with a user-friendly interface
  • Ease of fault tracking and manual adjustment
  • Production recording and tracking
  • Compliance with robotic core painting and automatic loading
  • Extra shock heating preventing the formation of drops on the surface at the oven entrance
  • With its modular structure allows cabinet addition when requested
  • Working at different speeds in double belt ovens
  • Car-loaded cabinet dryers for small quantity productions